Diagnosis Hair Loss & Best Hair Specialists in Lahore

For hair loss treatment, the first vital thing to know is the right place and specialist for this treatment. There can be a lot of reasons for hair loss, some of which are

  • Alopecia areata
  • Anemia
  • Traction
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Baldness
  • Many different autoimmune diseases and many more

These causes are the main reason for hair loss in most men. While in women, hair loss can also occur as a result of Polycystic ovary syndrome, especially in menopause and after pregnancy. Whatever the reason or gender may be, we all need to consult hair specialists in Lahore at some stage in our lives. So, let’s discuss them in detail.

Blood test

This might help uncover medical conditions that can cause hair loss.

Pull test

Your doctor gently pulls several dozen hairs to see how many come out. This helps determine the stage of the shedding process.

Scalp biopsy

Your doctor scrapes samples from the skin or from a few hairs plucked from the scalp to examine the hair roots under a microscope. This can help determine whether an infection is causing hair loss.

Light microscopy

Your doctor uses a special instrument to examine hairs trimmed at their bases. Microscopy helps uncover possible disorders of the hair shaft.

What does a Hair specialist do?

The hair specialists in Lahore can deal with almost all the different types of scalps and hair fall issues like

  1. Hair loss
  2. Scalp psoriasis
  3. Hair breakage
  4. Alopecia
  5. Trichotillomania
  6. Hair-pulling disorder
  7. Oily scalp, and many more.

Hair specialists can examine the hair and scalp, diagnose the above-mentioned hair problems and treat them well.

What to expect from the best hair specialists in Lahore, Pakistan?

You can expect a thorough checkup of your hair and scalp when visiting a reliable hair specialist. The hair specialist first takes your medical history and then asks you questions about your lifestyle, diet, hair care routine, etc. He then determines the treatment method from your answers or refers you to a concerned physician.

Moreover, hair specialists in Lahore also conduct a complete analysis session for your hairs to check for structural damage or the presence of lice or fungal infection. Mostly they also suggest a blood test for you. The blood test reports help determine the root cause and recommend the next step for your treatment.

Hair Fall Treatments in Lahore, Pakistan

Due to the new technologies and advancements in hair restoration, new treatments like

  • PRP Therapy
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Mesotherapy and many more have been introduced.

These are now being used as effective treatments to cure hair loss, and almost all hair specialists in Lahore utilize them to treat their patients for their concerned hair problems.


Specific Vitamins and Minoxidil are used in hair loss treatments. The best hair and skin specialists of Cosmetique clinic usually suggest using only hose hair growth products approved for men and women internationally. Moreover, our professional dermatologists may combine these medications with other tablets according to the patient’s requirement.

Causes of Hair Loss Issues

In general, most people lose 50 to 100 hair a day roughly. That is a routine, and it does not affect a person’s personality because, with falling hairs, new hairs are also growing simultaneously at the same rates. But the problem occurs when hair fall is continuous and much more than new growth of hairs.

Most hair loss problems are a result of the following factors:

  1. Family history (heredity). 
  2. A very stressful event.
  3. Improper sleeping schedule
  4. Medications and supplements.
  5. Hormonal changes and medical conditions.
  6. Hairstyles and treatments.
  7. Radiation therapy to the head, and many more.


You can contact our consultant for further details about procedures, costs, and our experts at our clinic for the best Hair fall treatments in Lahore, Pakistan. At Cosmetique clinic, Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan, one of the best hair specialists in Lahore, Pakistan, and his team comprising highly educated professionals evaluate every patient with hair loss for any possible underlying cause. They make every possible effort to treat their patients with medications. If not treated with simple medications, they may lastly suggest a hair transplant surgery to their patient.

Hair Fall Treatments in Lahore, Pakistan

Due to the new technologies and advancements in hair restoration, new treatments like

  • PRP Therapy
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Mesotherapy and many more have been introduced.

These are now being used as effective treatments to cure hair loss, and almost all hair specialists in Lahore utilize them to treat their patients for their concerned hair problems.

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Popular Hair loss treatment Procedures in Lahore Pakistan

There are many effective treatments available for hair loss all over the world. You might be able to reverse the hair loss process or at least slow it down with these treatments. Somehow hair loss can be controlled to some extent by medications, but in most cases, proper treatment is essential. Some popular treatments for hair loss available at reliable skin centers of Pakistan, like at the Cosmetique clinic, are given as follows:


Treating that condition is necessary if you are suffering from hair loss by an underlying disease or infection. If any specific medication is causing hair loss, your doctor will suggest you stop using it for some time.

Some medicines are also very effective in treating male pattern baldness; those include

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine)
  • Finasteride (Propecia)

In addition, some orally used medications include 

  • Spironolactone (Carospir, Aldactone)
  • oral dutasteride (Avodart)
Popular Hair loss treatment Procedures in Lahore Pakistan
Popular Hair loss treatment Procedures in Lahore Pakistan

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The hair specialist doctors are commonly known as Hair specialists. These doctors provide you with the proper treatment of all your scalp and hair problems. Hair fall is a common issue, and almost all of us suffer from various hair and scalp problems nowadays. We need help from the most reliable hair specialists in Lahore for these issues.

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Reasons to see hair specialists in Lahore, Pakistan.

There are many reasons and symptoms for which you have to visit a hair specialist. Some of which are

  • Male and female Hair loss (Pattern baldness)

It is the most common hair loss problem in both men and women.

  1. In men, this pattern of baldness is in a well-defined shape. It starts above both temples and proceeds further to form a characteristic “M” shape.
  2. While in women, the hair strands become thin over time and look lean. But there is nothing to do with receding hairline patterns among women.

Somehow the pattern of baldness in men has been associated with emotional aspects and several severe medical conditions like

  • Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Enlargement of the prostate
  • Diabetes
  • Mental stress, and many more

While, in contrast, hair loss problems in women are primarily related to hormonal issues like those because of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), in which hormonal imbalance occurs. This imbalance can cause irregular menstruation, acne, and weight gain also.

  • Hair shedding

When large sections of hair fall detach from the scalp of somebody, it means they are suffering from hair shedding. There are many reasons for hair shedding, some of which are

  1. Surgery
  2. Hormonal change
  3. Childbirth
  4. High fevers
  5. Blood loss
  6. Some chemotherapy drugs
  7. Stress, and many more

If you are suffering from any of these diseases, you might need to consult the best hair specialists in Lahore to get rid of them. Besides treating hair problems, they can even guide you to a physician who can help you with underlying conditions.

  • Scarring Alopecia

It is a severe condition of hair loss. In this disease, hair follicles are destroyed, which results in irreversible hair loss. The hair specialists in Lahore can help you by treating this condition. If it is treated early and ideally, then patients can regrow hair. While in other cases, this loss is permanent. Scarring alopecia is mainly due to inflammatory disorders, chemicals like hair relaxers, and many fungal conditions.

  • Excessive hair growth in women

This condition is also called hirsutism. In this condition, women get excessive hair growth on their bodies and face. Like men, even some women get a beard. The hair growth is mainly in the upper lips, chin, back, and chest areas. The leading cause of hirsutism is a male hormone called androgen.

Hirsutism is the result of PCOS. It can also be caused due to disorders of the pituitary, adrenal, or thyroid glands. Also, it may be the result of some medication’s side effects. The hair specialists in Lahore may treat it or help guide you to the correct physician to get a perfect gynecological treatment according to diagnosis.